Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Needs Sex, Drugs and Partying?

Who Needs Sex, Drugs and Partying? - Southpark Valentines Gifts

More from The Ring, the Southpark episode in which Kenny takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers’ concert where they each get purity rings.

If you and your Valentine are fans of Southpark these gifts will appeal to you.

The 30 Top Selling Southpark Gifts At Zazzle

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Two Saxophones Heart Shape on Heart Pendant

Two golden saxophones in heart shaped pendant

Two golden saxophones together symbolizing the love of the instrument between two people. Both saxes are upside down and touching as they face towards each other, forming the shape of a heart. The design is produced on a heart shaped ceramic hanging ornament or pendant. The ideal gift for a saxophone player or fan or, if you are in the music industry, a marketing gift for your musicians or clients.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Karne Institute For Sex Addiction, Southpark

Property of Karne Institute For Sex Addiction For Your Valentine

A group of American scientists question why so many celebrities are having sexual affairs. Rather than admit that men are to blame for their own actions they claim it's due to a disease called "Sex addiction". After being scientifically tested at school our Southpark friends are accused of being sex addicts.

Hopefully your Valentine isn't as extreme as this, but even if you haven't followed the series here's a conversation stopper for you, something to commemorate the Institute when you wear the gifts out and about.

The 'Property of Karne Institute For Sex Addiction' Southpark theme was first aired in the episode Sexual Healing, Episode 1401, on St Patricks Day, March 17, 2010

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nearly Valentines Day in Southpark - Women Love 'Em

Nearly Valentines Day in Southpark

Wendy: Stan, you know it's almost Valentine's Day.
Stan: I know.
Wendy: Maybe we should go on a cruise or something.
Stan: I can't afford a cruise, dude.
Wendy: I know, but we can make a little boat out of cardboard and pretend it's a cruise.

Southpark Valentines Ring Groupie Necklace and T Shirt

Funny Southpark Valentines - Ring Groupies Gifts

Thinking it’s his way into her heart and more, Kenny took his new girlfriend to a Jonas brothers concert. His dream of taking their relationship to a more intimate level was crushed when the Jonas brothers give them purity rings, the wearing of which represents a promise not to have sex with anyone until marriage.

This was the theme of the South Park episode 'The Ring' first broadcast shortly after Valentines Day, 2009.

If you and your Valentine are fans of Southpark these gifts will appeal to you.

Fleur-de-lys Romantic Floral Silver Necklace

Silver Fleur-de-lis Necklace - Symbol of romance, love and patriotism

This beautiful sterling silver plated necklace, 18" with 3" extender and lobster claw clasp, delivered in a special black felt bag, features a Fleur-de-lys, a floral emblem used in coats of arms and flags in largely French speaking countries where it has its origins. The emblem here is silver with a shadow gradient.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of Hearts Necklace

Red Hearts Necklace

Beautiful art necklace, with a graphic design of one big red heart surrounded by little purple hearts. Great looking silver necklace makes the perfect frame for this elegant piece of graphic artwork. Makes a great gift.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Valentine In Lights In Dubai

Way back in January we reported on Cupid Clampdown On Valentines In Middle East and mentioned that Valentines Day is celebrated elsewhere in the Middle East, notably in Dubai.

Well, to prove the point we note that if money is not a problem then you couldn't do better than the Valentine's Day Holiday package at the Dubai InterContinental Hotel

For about 13,000 USD you can have you and your Valentine's name in lights on the Hotel's facade, and surprise your other half as you approach by boat.

The package includes a private suite, gourmet meal, spa treatment, limo transportation and champagne breakfast.

The price doesn't include international flights; you'll have to make your own way to the Gulf.

If the price tag is too steep and you yearn for something from Dubai then you could always consider the T Shirt ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

25% Off T Shirts and Necklaces Until January 29th - Valentines Day Sales At Zazzle

Valentines Day 25% Off T Shirts and Necklaces Until January 29th

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5. Sometimes the search may not return good examples. This is usually because the product selected has the wrong tag
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet love birds with heart ornament


Two birds in love standing close together with a heart over their head. Text is Love.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Single in NYC - Icebreaker Party - Somebody Loves Me

Lonely Hearts in New York City Finding Love on Valentines Day

Just over 5 million New Yorkers, representing approximately 28% of the population, will find themselves single in New York and will be looking for love and things to do on Valentine's Day, also known as Singles Awareness Day.

NYC dating company, SingleAndTheCity.Com To Host Pre-Valentine's Day "hook-up" party for singles, bringing together 350+ lonely hearts at Bowery hot spot R-Bar on Saturday, February 12, 2011.

This Valentine's Day Singles Mixer boasts drink specials, hors d'oeuvres, dancing, mingling, ice breakers designed to be a catalyst for conversation and "Love & Sex" tarot card readings where singles can learn about their relationship 'past, present and future' via renowned psychic Maria Pirone.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paris Eiffel Tower Floats in Cloud Romantic Valentines Mousepad

French Landmark for Romantic Setting on Your Valentine's Mousepad

The Eiffel Tower stands as the centerpiece of this design, floating on clouds above the city below. The tower and its iron scaffolding rise into the sky above the layer of cloud from which it emerges. The surreal effect of the structure emerging from a cloud base is intended to convey an atmosphere of romance and love which Paris is famous for.

Easy to customize and personalize with the Customize it option.

"La Tour Eiffel flotte au-dessus des nuages dans le ciel de Paris"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

India For Sweethearts: Romance Awaits This Valentine's Day

Valentines Day At The Taj Mahal

This opportunity caught out attention - The incomparable allure, opulence and magic of India combined into one extravagant adventure and holiday of a lifetime: Micato India’s new Suites for Sweethearts tour.

Lovers will enjoy the utmost in luxurious, private accommodation and indulgent activities — all against the most romantic of settings. From the majestic Taj Mahal to the fabled cities of Jaipur and Udaipur, a personalized service ensure that travelers will experience the trip of a lifetime.

The 9-day journey, departing Thursday, February 10, 2011 from the US takes in New Delhi, staying at the Imperial Hotel, the Taj Mahal and the Pink City of Jaipur. This luxurious personalized tour can be taken at other times of the year.

It is however very expensive, starting at $52,000 USD per person, excluding international airfares but if you are up for it checkout this page.

For romantic couples gifts that are customizable and far less expensive you could always buy from the selection on the sidebar to the left, or browse the featured gifts in the archive of this blog.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot Lips Silver Necklace

Lips necklace
Lips by maggie02
Make your own personalized pendants at Zazzle.

Hot Lips

Kissable-Pink lips retro style against a soft baby pink background. Cool, retro, modern, all at the same time!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Design And Make Your Own Beautiful Sterling Silver Necklace For St Valentines Day

Add Your Own Images and Text To Make Your Jewelry Extra Special For St Valentines Day

In time for St Valentines Day, but really for any day of the year when you feel the need for a creative challenge, we present this easy to customize sterling silver necklace for you. Recently sold on Zazzle you'll be following others who have found a creative talent in making their own jewelry.

This beautiful sterling silver plated necklace has an 18" (45.72 cm) long chain with 3" (7.62 cm) extender and lobster claw clasp and the charm, 0.19 inches in depth, comes in two styles - rounded and square. The charm is finished with a UV resistant, waterproof, glossy coating.

The necklace is easy to customize. Use the Customize it button to choose the charm style and add your own text in a wide range of font styles, sizes and colors. To add an image upload the image and add it to the charm (photographs and graphics are best at high resolution and large, re-sized down to fit the charm surface)

Features :

Charm Diameter: 1.44 inches (3.66 cm) round, 1.38 inches (3.51 cm) square;
Depth: .19 inches (0.48 cm)
Chain Length: 18 inch (45.72 cm) with 3 inch (7.62 cm) extender

* Full-color, full-bleed printing
* Sterling Silver Plating
* UV Resistant and Waterproof
* Add Photos, Artwork and Text
* No minimum order

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Retro Love Design Pendant

Love necklace
Love by maggie02
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Retro Love Design Pendant

Love Necklace Retro Style-Pink background with the letters spelling out "LOVE" with a heart in the place of the "O." How retro and yet still modern. The letters are partially transparent revealing the beautiful hot pink background beneath. Your daughter will love this as well as your mom, sister, aunt, grandma or any girl in your circle of family and/or friends. So simple and current at the same time. After all, isn't love all we really have in the end?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Will You Be Alone On St Valentines Day? Then Pamper Yourself, Pamper Others

Will February 14 Be A 'Singles' Day For You?

Don't let couples have all the fun. It's your day too. You may be single but you don't have to feel alone. Being alone is not the same as loneliness.

Celebrate the day by planning an activity that is enjoyable. Give yourself a special treat for being single without any obligations and restrictions.

Pamper Yourself. Plan for a day out, perhaps a resort far away from the city where you won't find couples. Indulge in a treat with a good meal, body massage, movie CDs and good reading or head off for beauty treatment.

Pamper Others. Many like you are very happy with their single status and the freedom that brings. So, think positively. Pamper people who don't have a sweetheart. It is happiness shared twice when you make someone else happy with your small gestures. If you have lost someone on this Valentines Day then reach out to others who need of love and affection.

Valentines Day is not just the day for lovers. It is a day of love. So, celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Happy valentines day!