Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Gift Playing Cards - No More Solitaire

Wedding Gift Playing Cards - No More Solitaire
Recently sold on Zazzle - playing cards with a wedding theme that features the outline of two hearts pierced by an arrow on a golden background. There's placeholder text for the couple's names and date of wedding above the hearts.

The gift will appeal to card playing couples as the phrase below reads "No more solitaire", a pun alluding to the opportunity to play card games for two or more. The text can be changed.

Easy to customize. Replace the placeholder text and use the Choose your options to select from a range of card styles, including styles for the visually challenged.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A HUGE 4 Foot Tall Marry Me Pink Hearts Wall Decal

Get Her to Say 'Yes' - A 4' Tall Marriage Proposal on a Wall Decal at Zazzle

Grab her attention with a huge wall decal that she cannot possibly miss. This heart pink shaped decal with the text 'Marry Me' stands 4 feet high (1.22 m) so it's eye-catching from a great distance. There's a pair of interlocking hearts below the text and the decal is surrounded by a red border.

The decal can be customized. The decal shown is the extra large size 48" x 48" for attention seekers, but it will also fit on the smaller 30" x 30" and 12" x 12" decals.

Wall decals are new at Zazzle. Made from a premium, self adhesive fabric paper with a matte finish, each decal is UV protected, water resistant and tear resistant. They are designed to last for years. No frame or mounting equipment is required. Just peel off the decal from its backing and stick to any clean smooth surface such as a painted wall, glass or metal. Each wall decal can be removed and repositioned hundreds of times without losing adhesion.

Each wall decal is made with premium inks and on high quality fabric paper that won’t damage your walls and they are easy to design at Zazzle with your design, text or photographs.

Even if you aren't thinking of proposing to anyone soon it's a great idea. Why not buy one and rent it out to those who need an impressive way of expressing their intentions?